Endocrine disruptors in the workplace

vrijdag, 19 april 2024 - 09:00 to 17:00
52 days remaining
Haute Ecole HE2B, Rue des Goujons 28, 1070 Anderlecht

BSOH Studiedag - Journée d'étude

Theme: Lately there seems to be more and more interest in the endocrine disruptors. The chemicals adjust or hormonal balance and are present in a wide range of sectors such as agriculture, construction, cleaning, textile production, beaty and skin care, recycling,… Legally they are mentioned right next to carcinogenic substances.
Where is this all coming from? Are these products dangerous? How can we recognize them? What can we do about it? Join us at the seminar to find out.

Seminar Director: Lucie Huyghebaert (Liantis)

Point of contact for questions and suggestions: events@bsoh.be

Fabian Lejeune (BSOH Chair)
Lucie Huyghebaert (Liantis, BSOH Board)

Program (provisional):

Time No Title Language Speaker Organisation
slides spoken
09:00   Welcome        
09:30 0 Introduction EN   Fabian Lejeune
Lucie Huyghebaert
BSOH Chairman
Seminar Director
09:40 1 The National Action Plan on Endocrine Disruptors (NAPED) EN EN Sandrine Jouan, PhD FPS Health, Food chain safety and Environment
10:25 2 Studie gezondheidsimpact hormoonverstorende stoffen - indicatoren voor DALY's
(Disability-adjusted life years)
EN not yet known dr. Caroline Teughels
Jurgen Buekers, PhD
Departement omgeving en gezondheid
11:10   Break        
11:30 3 CLP: indeling van hormoonverstoorders EN not yet known ir. Tine Cattoor Essenscia
12:15   Lunch        
13:15 4 L’approche d’un medecin de travail : les effets sur les personnes, les problèmes pratiques pour les entreprises EN not yet known dr. Lorane Elias Liantis
14:00 5 not yet known EN not yet known not yet known not yet known
14:45   Break        
15:05 6 not yet known EN not yet known not yet known not yet known
15:50   Closing remarks EN   Fabian Lejeune
Lucie Huyghebaert
Chairman BSOH
Seminar Director
16:00   End of program        
16:00   Break        
16:15   General Assembly
Assemblée Générale des Membres
Algemene LedenVergadering
FR/NL   Fabian Lejeune
Tom Van de Voorde
Robert Emonds
16:30   End of meeting        

Inschrijvingen: niet later dan 16/04/2024 16:00
Location: Haute Ecole HE2B, Rue des Goujons 28, 1070 Anderlecht


This seminar is free for members of the Belgian Society for Occupational Hygiene (BSOH).
Seminar fee is 75.- EUR for non-members. Membership until 31/12/2024 is included.

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