PDC Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation

Professional Development Course
ACGIH's Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation
& Practical Applications of Useful Equations
Avec soutien linguistique pour les participants francophones.
Language support will also be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and German.
14 - 18 November 2022

Manhattan Meeting Center
Avenue du Boulevard 21,1st Floor
1210 Brussels, Belgium

Exposure by inhalation to chemical agents: are you also still just using dilution ventilation for the evacuation of chemical and biological agents? If so, your protection will be ineffective in most cases. Some risks will even increase instead of decrease.
Do you understand the difference between control measures for indoor air quality (or "Indoor Air Quality") and control measures against exposure to chemical and biological agents?
Do you know the difference between general ventilation (or dilution ventilation) and industrial ventilation? Or perhaps you think that industrial ventilation is only meant for the industry? Then think again.
This Professional Development Course is a pragmatic course that covers both basic and advanced topics related to industrial ventilation.
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify and select appropriate ventilation systems for process emission/exposure control
  2. Measure and evaluate the performance of ventilation systems (flow, pressure, horsepower)
  3. Design and evaluate dilution ventilation systems
  4. Design/re-design local exhaust systems using state-of-the-art design procedures
  5. Design, operate, and modify hoods appropriate to participants' needs
  6. Critically review ventilation system plans, drawings, and specifications of engineers and architects
  7. Understand the basic fundamentals, estimation techniques, and calculations related to occupational health and safety
  8. Understand terms and units used in OH&S related estimations and formulas
  9. Understand and apply formulas related to OH&S estimations and calculations
  10. Use dimensional analysis to generate formulas and mathematical relationships
Who should attend
Industrial hygienists, HVAC engineers and designers, plant and facilities engineers, safety professionals, compliance officers, environmental engineers and designers, maintenance supervisors and engineers, business owners, environmental contractors and consultants, HVAC installation technicians, duct cleaners, architects, ...
Standing lunch at noon included.
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