PDC Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation

Avec soutien linguistique pour les participants francophones.
Language support will also be available in
Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and German.

Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation
November 14 – 18, 2022

Manhattan Meeting Center
Avenue du Boulevard 21,1st Floor
1210 Brussels, Belgium

35 Education Contact Hours to earn CIH CM credits
and/or BCSP recertification points
Hands-on training from industrial ventilation experts Jonathan Hale, MPA and Sergio Caporali Filho, PhD, CSP, CIH, ACGIH's Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation & Practical Applications of Useful Equations (FIV) course covers both basic and advanced topics related to industrial ventilation and related calculations including:
  • The behavior of air and chemical contaminants in the air
  • Industrial process exhaust system design (including ACGIH calculation methods)
  • Make-up and supply air ventilation systems
  • Dilution ventilation systems
  • Selection and design of exhaust hoods, ducts, and fittings
  • Fans and air cleaners (including Fan Laws)
  • Troubleshooting and testing of existing systems
  • Hands-on testing and measurements
  • Calculation and estimation approaches related to airborne contaminants
  • TLV and TWA
  • OA for dilution, fans, system testing, sound and noise, heat stress, radiation, ventilation, statistics, chemistry, etc.
  • A calculations lab in which participants work in a team environment

Each student receives:

Who should attend
Industrial hygienists, HVAC engineers and designers, plant and facilities engineers, safety professionals, compliance officers, environmental engineers and designers, maintenance supervisors and engineers, business owners, environmental contractors and consultants, HVAC installation technicians, duct cleaners, architects, ...

Jonathan F. Hale, MPA is the founder and owner of Air Systems Corporation, an innovator in the industrial pollution-control industry. Mr. Hale has also worked as an EPA inspector and permits engineer.
Sergio Caporali Filho, PhD, CSP, CIH serves as an instructor of the Michigan and North Carolina Industrial Ventilation Conference as well as the Brazilian Industrial Ventilation Conference. Sergio graduated in production engineering from the University of Lima, Peru, where he worked as professor and production manager at an industrial equipment factory.
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