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vrijdag, 17 februari 2023 - 09:00 to 12:00
Online webinar

BSOH Studiedag - Journée d'étude

At all workplaces, one has to deal with non-ionizing radiation (NIS). There are different types of NIS: ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, laser radiation, electromagnetic fields ... Some radiation is visible, some radiation is not. Non-ionizing radiation can be dangerous. The health effects depend on the nature of the radiation, the radiation energy, the intensity, and the duration of irradiation. This seminar will cover the health effects of different types of NIS as well as examples of how to identify health risks linked to exposure to NIS.

09:00   Michel Van Geel (BSOH) Introduction
09:10 1 dr. Dirk Adang (Uhasselt) Biologische en gezondheidseffecten van niet-ioniserende elektromagnetische straling
Biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation
09:50 2 Wout Joseph (Waves Ugent) Elektromagnetische straling van laagfrequente elektromagnetische velden
Case: straling van distributiecabines
Electromagnetic radiation from low-frequency electromagnetic fields
Case: radiation from electricity distribution cabins
10:30   Pauze Pause
10:40 3 Claudine Strehl (IFA) GENESIS-UV - Measuring of personal UV exposure
11:20 4 Jean-Marc Deniel (INRS) CatRayon5: un logiciel d'évaluation de l'exposition aux rayonnements optiques
CatRayon5: a software for assessing exposure to optical radiation
12:00   Michel Van Geel (BSOH) Closing remarks

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