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The grey screen is the consequence of a fatal error. Execution is halted, and all data are lost.
Also, by default, the application will close an idle connection after 15 minutes of inactivity. This means if you open an application and do not interact with it for 15 minutes, you will see a disconnect (grey screen).
The only way to recover, is to reload the application by clicking on the reload link.

The grey screen is usually caused by conflicts in the input. It is then systematically triggered by pressing one of the two buttons ("Load dataset" or "Analyse dataset"). In this case, the solution should be to check the dataset for inconsistencies.

The grey screen rarely happens immediately on page load, without any button action. In this case, the problem is not situated on the server side. You should check your browser's security settings or your firewall settings or other security-related settings. In some cases, you will have to resort to your IT department. By means of troubleshooting, it could help to connect on another computer, on another network connection. Usually this problem doesn't occur on a private computer on a private internet connection.

If these pointers don't allow you to solve the problem, please leave me a message at my personal contact form.