Board of Directors

How is the B.S.O.H managed?
The board consists of no more than 24 members and is elected every 4 years by all B.S.O.H. members. Once a year, a general meeting of members is held.
Within the B.S.O.H. each speaks its own language and it is assumed that the other languages (Dutch, French, English) are understood.
B.S.O.H. has no inputs, except for the membership contributions. Everything is done on a voluntary basis. The members of the Board of Directors take on most of the tasks.

What is the composition of the Board of Directors?
For the period 2023-2027, the Board of Directors (Board) is composed of the following members:

  • President : Fabian Lejeune (Défense)
  • Vice-president : Johan Sterckx (Attentia)
  • Secretary : Tom Van de Voorde (Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services)
  • Treasurer : Robert Emonds (Consultant)
  • Seminars : Christel Swinnen (CLB)
  • Editor : Dimitri De Coninck (FOD WASO, TWW)
  • Legal aspects : Robert Emonds (Consultant)
  • Others :
    • Emmanuelle Boilan (Cesi)
    • Nathalie D’Haese (CPFB)
    • An Devriendt (Idewe)
    • Lucie Huyghebaert (Liantis)
    • Anke Janssen (Liantis) - until 29/04/2024
    • Valérie Rooryck (Attentia)
    • Michel Vangeel (J&J)
    • Jeroen Vanoirbeek (KU Leuven)
    • Steven Verpaele (Nickel Institute, BeCOH)