Belgian Society for Occupational Hygiene

Belgische Vereniging voor Arbeidshygiëne
Société Belge d'Hygiène du Travail

What is the BSOH?
The Belgian Society for Occupational Hygiene is the Belgian scientific association for occupational hygiene. The first meeting took place on 8 June 1989. Since 4 June 1991 it operates as a non-profit association.
BSOH is dedicated to the discipline and the application of occupational hygiene.

What are the objectives of the BSOH?
BSOH has the following objectives:

  • support the knowledge, competence and professional honour of occupational hygienists.
  • support and maintain a high standard of expertise and practice of occupational hygiene.
  • encourage the further development of occupational hygiene at a scientific and professional level.
  • circulation and exchange of occupational hygiene knowledge.
  • give publicity to the specialised field of occupational hygiene.
  • collaboration with other societies, national and international organisations involved in occupational hygiene.

BSOH is a member of the International Occupational Hygiene Association IOHA and keeps up contact with the British Occupational Hygiene Society BOHS and the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Arbeidshygiëne NVvA.